Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just the same...we'll go to Capri in July

Capri in July

I said July, remember? We’ll go to Capri in July. You’ll love me more beneath the sun, it hides my every flaw even my renaissance stomach.

I have grown so old loving you in such a little time. I’ve let my eyes grow dull my smile become suspect I know you won’t believe it but...sometimes when I’m by myself, people look at me in the old way. When you look at me now I know I’m not the way I was.

In Capri they have so many beaches, little coves you can hike down the cliffs to. There’s always someplace where nobody else goes and the water is so blue.

I’ve tried to stop pretending that it will be all right again, it won’t you know but just the same we’ll go to Capri in July.

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