Thursday, September 30, 2010

My View on Christianity

I try to avoid deep discussions about my Christian beliefs because I find there are as many different beliefs as there are 'Christians.'  I take the fact that Jesus's churches are more and more sitting in judgement of fellow Christians as a sign that the end days are approaching. No chapter in my Bible tells me how to sit in judgement of others. It does tell me how to be like Christ, and how as a matter of Christian Discipleship to grow in understanding of the ways of Christ in order to become more like Him.

I'm afraid that for many Christians, becoming Christlike means judging others to make sure they're following the tenets of Christ. Unless you know the will of God - and NONE of us do - you may be sitting in judgement of someone who is, in fact, being directed by the will of God for whatever reason pleases God.

I think that's why he made a point of saying, "Judge not that ye be not judged!" Since we are ALL sinners, none of us are worthy enough to condemn others. THERE! I said it. That's how I feel and obviously my beliefs preclude my commenting on other Christians except to myself so that I may not be led astray.