Saturday, July 16, 2011

An old favorite of mine······································ MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER · · Just Because

Have you ever loved someone you knew nothing of
Except you'd seen the light inside their eyes
Have you ever loved someone just because
Nothing felt so easy or so right

And I think of you like the others do
Wondering if you think of me
And if you do, if you really do
Who is it that you see

Have you ever loved
Whether right or wrong
Have you ever loved someone
Just because

Have you ever tried to speak the truth instead of lie
When it seemed you had everything to lose
Have you ever tried to stand your ground instead of hide
When staying only made you look a fool

And I stayed by you though I think I knew
It wouldn't change a thing
Changes come to hearts with ease
But they come so hard to me
Have you ever tried to make it last, not knowing why
Except you had to try
Just because

And every day that passes now, I s'pose I'm getting older
Wiser with the things I've done
But I hope I don't grow colder

And now I see the ones, who've lost so much
They swear they're done
With love and all the chance it brings for pain
But have you ever touched, and by itself it was enough
To make you want to reach out once again

And I'll touch you when I need a friend
Or just a small reminder
That I haven't grown too cold to feel
You penetrate my armor

Have you ever loved
Whether right or wrong
Have you ever loved someone
Just because
Have you ever loved someone
Just because

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sometimes I'm political ... Speaker Boehner is a childish idiot!


I'm not sure who the heck you think you are, but I think you need to be reminded that the people of the 8th district of Ohio are the only constituency that elected you - only the President was - conceptually - elected by the entire country. This "I'm taking my ball and going home" mentally is inappropriate at best, but from my prospective is utterly childish and shows a complete lack of professionalism, a lack of respect for the office of the Presidency, and a complete lack of self-respect, not to mention the fact that you have loss all sense of political truth and reality.

This is not surprising for a Republican since most of your most vocal members exhibit a complete lack of knowledge of and understanding of truth and facts - particularly as relates to history - which by the way,they apparently can't be even bothered to look up. I especially likes Santorum's statement about 230 million jobs - how did I miss that little tidbit. This certainly makes what any Republican says suspect to me!

How your party could be handed a budget with a surplus (Clinton) and piddle it away on a war that was not founded in reality under Bush (you do remember the weapons of mass destruction, don't you?) and then blame it on Obama is absolutely outrageous. And let's not lose site of how many times you raised the debt ceiling to enable that 'man' your party supported - and couldn't initially take that office by honest election (remember Florida and the Supreme Court?) - to speed this nation into utter disaster without benefit of supporting income.

And now you blame the Democrats! Oh, I think not. Your Republican party members may suffer from some extreme aberrations and beliefs, but don't make the mistake of trying to apply those labels to the Democrats. To threaten to allow the United States to go into international default is not only reprehensible, it is treasonous!

Having said all that, my request is that you grow up and become - if not a decent 'compassionate conservative' Republican - a true scholar and member of this republic in the spirit of the Founding Fathers.- not Michele Bachmann's founding fathers, but the real Founding Fathers. I remind you that the Articles of Confederation which seem to be more to the liking of today's Republican party have been replaced by the Constitution - you remember the Constitution don't you, that's the document you couldn't even read correctly at the opening of the House session! Oh, and please don't cry - I only meant to get your attention!