Sunday, April 17, 2011

Political Parody of Sam Cooke's Wondeful World by SAD N MAD PRODUCTIONS

Posted to YouTube by MsMollybean1 on Apr 2, 2011 Created by Sadnmad
Musical Political Parody. 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates?

Sam Cooke (January 22, 1931-December 11, 1964), who co-wrote and recorded the original song "Wonderful World", is considered one the pioneers and founders of soul music. He is often called the King of Soul. As a man, he stood up for equal rights and took an active part in the Civil Rights Movement. Tragically, at the age of 33, he was shot and killed. The circumstances of his death have been called "mysterious" and most likely we'll never know exactly what happened. As an artist, he gave us some extraordinary music and influenced countless musicians to follow. We urge all of you, particularly those of you who might be too young to remember, to check out his work. His song, "A Change is Gonna Come", was recorded shortly before his death and released posthumously. We recommend that you give it a listen.

My thanks to Patricia Mangan, a Facebook friend, for the heads up!

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