Saturday, March 24, 2007

You have to start somewhere....

Let's just say I'm new to this blogging stuff. I was on my way to posting a comment on someone else's site, and I ended up creating my own blog somehow. Since I never did make the original post, I'll take this opportunity to post it here. The original topic was a Sunbeam Pie Maker and my post was basically in agreement with other posts on the site:

I just picked this up at a thrift store with no manual, no recipes, and no cutters. I just tried it with store bought dairy-case pie crusts which I cut with a large water glass. I filled the first pass with 'Chicken ala King' and with Blueberry Pie filling on the second pass. The results were really outstanding! I think the previous owner may have made pierogies with the unit since there was the slightest hint of sauerkraut in the air on the first pass.

By the way, did I mention that this is my SECOND attempt at posting to my own blog? It seems I went to "preview" and was clicking 'here' and clicking 'there' and the next thing I know I was looking at the actual blog with some smart comment that more or less said 'there's nothing to see here!' Well, like I said above, "you have to start somewhere...."

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